IDEAS Elections 2021

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Three positions in IDEAS Board are open by the end of March 2021: Vice-President, Secretary General and Representative from Europe & Central Asia. Zenda Ofir, our Vice-President will finish her first term but she will not apply for re-election due to other duties. Cristina Magro, our Secretary General, will finish her second term in the Board and cannot be re-elected. Finally, Inga-Lill Aronsson, Representative from Europe & Central Asia, will complete her first term, and therefore she is eligible for re-election for this position. All three above leaders have significantly contributed to the new style of IDEAS work and we really appreciate their roles. Candidates for all open positions are very welcome.

Call for Nomination of IDEAS Board Members

Read Call for Nomination of IDEAS Board Members

Nominations must be made on the nomination form and e-mailed to the IDEAS Coordinator: Nominations must be received between 22nd February 2021 and 15th March 2021 at midnight UTC – a period of three weeks.

Results of Nominations / Call to vote

The Election Committee is pleased to announce the results of the nominations for the vacant Board positions. There are two outstanding nominees for the open position of IDEAS Vice-President and only single nominees for the open positions of IDEAS Secretary General and the representative for Europe & Central Asia.

Read Table of nominees

Voting for IDEAS Vice-president will take place between Tuesday 16 March 2021 and midnight UTC on Tuesday 23 March 2021.

Nominees for the vacant position of IDEAS Vice-President are as follows:

Serge Eric Yakeu Djiam



Adolfo Argüello Vives


According to the Election By-laws, two nominees have been elected as new members of the IDEAS Board from 1st April 2021:

Lennise JC Baptiste has been elected for IDEAS Secretary General in her first term unopposed


Inga-Lill Aronsson has been elected her second term as representative of Europe & Central Asia unopposed

We congratulate Lennise and Inga-Lill and wish them all the best in their future work for IDEAS!

Results of IDEAS Elections

We congratulate again to two candidates who were elected unopposed:
Lennise JC Baptiste has been elected for IDEAS Secretary General in her first term.
Inga-Lill Aronsson has been elected in her second term as representative of Europe & Central Asia.

We had two candidates for the vacant post of IDEAS Vice-President. The voting took place between 16 March and 23 March, 2021. In total, 68 IDEAS members submitted their votes. One vote was submitted after the deadline and was thus invalid.

The verified election results for the post of Vice-President are as follow:
Serge Eric Yakeu Djiam – 39 votes (58.21%, elected)
Adolfo Argüello Vives – 28 votes (41.79%)

It is our pleasure to congratulate to the winner of the elections:
Serge Eric Yakeu Djiam has been elected as the new Vice-President of IDEAS.

We would also like to thank to the outstanding candidate Adolfo Argüello Vives who did not succeed this time. We look forward to our further cooperation!

We also look forward to our further cooperation with the leaving Board members:
Zenda Ofir, Vice-President of IDEAS 2018–2021
Cristina Magro, Secretary General of IDEAS 2015–2021

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