New IDEAS Board Policy on IDEAS and the EU General Data Protection Regulation

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Privacy of information is increasingly important in this world of big data, social media and new internet companies dealing in email addresses and other private information for commercial purposes. The Board aims to ensure that your personal data with IDEAS are safe and will not be used for commercial gains or to bother you with unsolicited emails. On Sunday 20 May 2018, the Board approved a new policy regarding private data, in line with the new EU General Data Protection Regulation. This policy promises our members that:

  • We will only ask for data that is required for the purpose of registering you as a member;
  • We will make this data visible to you and you only through your account on the IDEAS website; and
  • We will ensure that this data is used only for the purpose of that IDEAS can serve you better.

The new policy requires IDEAS to make its members aware of: which data we have (your membership data); how we store this data (in a database that is kept secure on the server of our website); and what we will do when you leave IDEAS (we will remove your data into a historical database only available to the Board and the IDEAS Coordinator). As a member you have the right to see the data we keep on you through your account on our website. We assure you that only you can access this information, and that access is encrypted and private. We will inform all new members of the way we use and secure data and ask their consent to store their data in the database. The security of our website will be ensured by constant vigilance on developments of internet security and breaches of websites.

You will continue to receive emails from IDEAS – but you can indicate that you would not want to receive these in future. However, we assume that almost all of you will want to hear from us as it is one of the most important reasons why you are a member: to belong to a professional community and to engage with colleagues on issues that are important for the future of our profession!

You can read or download the Board approved note on “IDEAS and the General Data Protection Regulation” here.

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