Membership Overview

Membership Benefits

  1. Opportunities for professional peer exchange and global networking through our working groups and Thematic Interest Groups (ITIGs), as well as at our international events;
  2. Peer editorial services, the possibility to publish your work on the IDEAS website and disseminate your work via IDEAS’ social media (see our 2017 Publication and Dissemination policy);
  3. Advance notification of and reduced registration fees for IDEAS events, in which members are welcome and encouraged to actively participate and present their work;
  4. Access to IDEAS’ online knowledge base of publications, conference reports and seminar proceedings;
  5. Voting rights at the IDEAS’ annual general meetings and for regional Board members;
  6. E-updates on other international evaluation events, job opportunities, research and reports.


IDEAS offers three types of membership – youth, individual and institutional. 

Youth Membership (Up to 30 years)

  • Annual membership: USD 30.00
  • Three-year membership: USD 70.00

If applying for youth membership, a date of birth must be provided.

Individual Membership

Individuals may register for annual, three-year or life membership. Discounts are available to nationals from countries on the United Nations list of least developed countries.

  • Annual: LDC* USD 50.00
  • Annual: LDC* Senior USD 25.00
  • Three-year: LDC* USD 120.00
  • Three-Year: LDC* Senior USD 60.00
  • Annual: Regular USD 100.00
  • Annual: Youth Regular USD 30.00
  • Annual: Senior Regular USD 50.00
  • Three-year: Regular USD 200.00
  • Three-Year: Youth Regular USD 70.00
  • Three-Year: Senior Regular USD 100.00
  • Lifetime Service fee: USD 30.00

IDEAS reserves the right to ask for a passport copy as proof of nationality.

Institutional Membership

Institutions are represented by one individual, and an additional five staff members are entitled to reduced fees at IDEAS Global Assemblies.Institutional membership is only offered on an annual basis, and institutions are categorised as follows:

  • International development agencies, Financial Institutions, all levels of government, private sector companies: USD 950.00 for a 2-Year; USD  1450 for a 3-Year
  • NGOs, non-profit organisations, Universities, think-tanks: USD 650.00 for a 2-Year; USD  2000 for a 3-Year

Membership is effective from the date payment is received. It is not necessary to commence a membership at the start of a month or the start of a year.


Linda Morra Imas

Linda Morra served as IDEAS Secretary from 2009 to 2015. During this time, she established the IDEAS Thematic Interest Groups (ITIGS) and developed its first guidelines. She also instigated and led development of the IDEAS Competencies for Development Evaluation Evaluators, Managers, and Commissioners (2010) and IDEAS Code of Ethics for Evaluation. She is currently leading IDEAS work on qualification and/or credentialing. She continues to serve as an external advisor to the IDEAS Board on professionalization issues.

Chen Zhaoying

Professor Chen was instrumental in organising the first IDEAS General Assembly (GA) on 8th September 2002 in Beijing, China. At this seminal GA, the IDEAS’ Constituent Assembly was established; a representative Board was elected; and a three-year work plan and budget was approved. Professor Chen served on the first elected IDEAS Board.

Ray Rist

Dr. Rist served as President of IDEAS from 2008 to 2014. During his tenure, he was instrumental in designing and organizing the important IDEAS’ Biennial Conferences and Global Assemblies in Johannesburg (2009), Amman (2011) and Barbados (2013). He ensured that the outputs of each Assembly were published as an official IDEAS publication. Dr. Rist contines to be a close collaborator with IDEAS.


Sulley Gariba

A leader in the international evaluation movement, Dr. Gariba served as the first IDEAS President (2002-2005) and President of the African Evaluation Association (2007-2009). He is currently a member of the Evaluation Advisory Panel for the Alliance for Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) and a member of the Advisory Panel for reviewing the Evaluation Policy for the Independent Evaluation Group of the World Bank. Dr. Gariba is currently a senior Policy Advisor for the President of Ghana.

Bob Picciotto

Robert (Bob) Picciotto played a significant role in ensuring the birth of IDEAS and provided highly effective support for the organization in its first years. He was awarded honorary membership in recognition of the strategic advice he provided to the first IDEAS Board and his exemplary role in the international evaluation community.