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This ITIG will serve as catalyst to promote use of resettlement evaluation in programs and projects where people are involuntarily displaced due to development, disasters and climate change thus, enhance good governance and accountability for development and strengthen development evaluation practice.

Proposed activities for the first six months of operation

  1. Develop a 3 year Work Plan to outline specific activities that the RESEVALT will undertake, and identify possible sources of funding.
  2. Editing and publication of selected resettlement papers presented at the IDEAS Global Assembly 2015.
  3. Promotion of this new ITIG among IDEAS general membership and other institutions involved in resettlement, through social media and other means.
  4. Creation of an on-line discussion group to exchange information and develop conceptual methods of resettlement evaluation.
  5. Identification and establishment of development partners who will share mutual interest in resettlement evaluation (partnerships).
  6. Advocacy on the use of resettlement evaluation, and coordination with relevant agencies, academia and/or NGOs.
  7. Collection of interesting resettlement materials with good examples of resettlement evaluation to be shared to general membership through IDEAS website.
  8. Conducting Workshops and Resettlement Evaluation Training, including Study Tours.
  9. Outsourcing funds and identification of donors.
  10. Making project proposals to promote resettlement evaluation, and enhance knowledge in this field.
  11. Fund or co-sponsor resettlement evaluations and research by IDEAS members, and those who share the aims of the organization.


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