Get to Know the ITIGs


IDEAS Thematic Interest Groups (ITIGS) are meant to value and stimulate the diversity of interests of the Association’s members regarding international evaluation, and to favor collaboration among members in a creative environment for discussion, innovation and production. ITIGs operate on a volunteer basis.

Active ITIGs



  • Climate Change (CC-ITIG)

Christine Wörlen

  • Evaluation Capacity Development (EvalCD-ITIG)

Michele Tarsilla

  • Evaluation in the Contexts of Fragility, Conflict, and Violence (EvalFCV)
    • Resettlement

Hur Hassnain

Inga-Lill Aronsson

  • Gender and Equity-Focused Evaluation (GEFE-ITIG)

Eddah Kanini Karijo

  • Government Evaluation (GoEval-ITIG)

Josephine Watera

  • Innovation and ICT4D for Monitoring, Evaluation, Adaptation, and Learning (InnoTech4MEAL-ITIG)

Valentine Joseph Gandhi

  • Young and Emerging Evaluators (YEE-ITIG)

Jérôme Gandin

  • Transformative Change and Transformative Evaluations (TCTE-ITIG)

Rashmi Agrawal

Collaboration among ITIGs

IDEAS incentives collaboration among ITIGs for the development of cross sector studies and evaluations.

Communication among ITIG members and with the Association

IDEAS favors communication among ITIGs participants through the interactive and collaborative platform Cisco WebEx, and stimulates its members to use IDEAS social media for professional purposes.

ITIGs proposal and approval

Any member in good standing can propose the creation of an ITIG, alone or with a colleague, by filling the Application Form and sending it to the ITIG Coordinator. The coordinator will work with the proponents to strengthen the proposal, and will forward the final version for the approval by the Board. Potential proponents and members are encouraged to read the ITIGs Policy document.

ITIG termination

The inactivity of an ITIG can be determined by the ITIGs Coordinator and the ITIG Leader by the absence of activity along two years, or by the unavailability of a Leader to coordinate the work.


ITIG Members

IDEAS members are encouraged to join up to two (2) ITIGs. There are no pre-established obligations, although there is the expectation that each participant actively contributes to the attainment of the ITIG objectives with the realization of corresponding activities.

ITIG Leaders

ITIGs Leaders are responsible for fostering and coordinating relevant activities for the development of the ITIG activities, including disseminating information, communicating with the participants and maintaining the group active. Therefore, they need to have the capability to do so.

ITIGs Coordinator

The ITIGs Coordinator is responsible for receiving the application for the creation of ITIGs, overseeing and facilitating the planning and development of all ITIGs activities, acting as a bridge between the ITIGs and the Board, and supporting the overall functioning of the groups.

ITIGs Role at the Global Assembly

ITIGs participants will have an active role in the conception, preparation, and the organization of the General Assembly.

Cristina Magro
ITIG Coordinator

Contact the IDEAS Coordinator