Board & Administration

Executive Committee


President. On duty from September 2020.

Ada is a sociologist with a master’s degree, with distinction, in Development Planning and Management granted by the University of Wales, UK. She has worked in the United Nations System since 1990 with UNICEF, UNDP, UNFPA and IFAD in different countries of North and Latin America, Africa and Asia. During her career, she has been mainly involved in evaluation capacity development and networking. She has lectured at various universities including Carleton (Ottawa – Canada), FLACSO (Santiago, Chile), Indian School of Business (Hyderabad, India and BRAC (Dhaka, Bangladesh). She authored several articles and publications.  She was one of the founders of the International Organization for Cooperation in Evaluation (IOCE) and of the Latin America Evaluation Network (ReLAC). Currently, she represents UNICEF at EvalPartners. Ada is the co-chair of EVALSDGs and supports the Secretariat of the Global Parliamentarians Forum for Evaluation (GPFE). Currently, she is based in New York where she leads the Partnerships and Coherence Unit of the Unicef’s Evaluation Office. Ada will retire from Unicef by the end of August 2020.

Ada is fluent in Spanish (mother tongue) and in English; she understands and reads French, Italian and Portuguese. She has lived in Peru, Costa Rica, Guatemala, New York, Italy, the UK and Thailand. Ada loves to travel. She enjoys watching independent cinema and loves music and dancing. Above all, she loves people.

First Term of Office expires: 31 March 2023



As a Credentialed Evaluator (CE), Serge Eric Yakeu Djiam has 15+ years of experience in evaluation with more than 22+ years’ country experience in Cameroon. He works with stakeholders at multiple levels including Universities such as in UAE University (2013-2014) where he served as Visiting Professor at the Institute of Environmental Sciences in Cameroun (2012-2014), the University of Constantine II in Algeria (2015), and as Visiting Lecturer at the University of Montreal in Canada since 2016. As Evaluation Team Leader, he also works with government entities, CSO, donors, and UN agencies such UNICEF, UNDP, UNESCO, IFAD, FAO, UN Women, and WFP. He is the CEO of the Centre for Evaluation and Development (Cameroon). Serge Eric led the design and implementation of over 50 country research worldwide and within complex and humanitarian environments either as individual or in team setting in various locations including very remote areas. With his ability to manage participatory approaches in addition to his knowledge and leadership skills, he adapts readily to different cultural environments. With a multi-disciplinary background and experience, he worked in Africa, Europe, North-America, Middle-East, and Asia, in various environments including cities, and villagers.

As a Bilingual international expert (French & English), Serge Eric Yakeu Djiam is very active as adviser for youth empowerment for their inclusion into the society especially within professional networks in Francophone and Anglophone countries. He wrote two books, training materials, several reports and articles and can easily develop summative reports and restitutions. He participated to various conferences/seminars /symposium and chair panels/sessions in monitoring and evaluation, agricultural research, research methodology and statistics, and related topics worldwide. As President, he chaired the 2014 AfrEA International Conference in Cameroon with over 550 participants worldwide.

Serge Eric Yakeu Djiam is also Life-member of IDEAS, member of CES, CAIDP, CaDEA, DME, EvalPartners, and AGDEN.

First Term of Office expires: 31 March 2024



Jérôme works with the European Investment Bank in Luxembourg.  He has masters degrees in Geography, Political Sciences, Business Administration and International Development, and a PhD in Geography. He has 10 years of professional experience in strategic planning, management, monitoring and evaluation of complex projects and policies related to international development and humanitarian response. Jérôme has accumulated experience with a wide range of international organizations as the United Nations, the European Commission, multilateral development banks, Foundations and international NGOs.

Second Term of Office expires: 31 March 2022


Secretary General

Lennise Baptiste, is a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago and works as an Independent Consultant undertaking evaluations of donor funded projects throughout the Caribbean region. She has more than 35 years combined professional experience in the fields of education and programme evaluation.

Her introduction to the evaluation of projects and programmes began in the US in 2005 at the Research and Evaluation Bureau at Kent State University, Ohio. She was the 2010 recipient of the Michael Scriven Dissertation Award for Outstanding Contribution to Evaluation Theory, Methodology, or Practice.

She is the Immediate Past Chair (2015-2018) of the Caribbean Evaluators International (CEI) Board and she continues to work on behalf of the CEI on the South-to-South Evaluation Initiative continuing to link with other Voluntary Organisations of Professional Evaluators (VOPEs) in the Global South. She has been a member of the American Evaluation Association since 2006 and was the Chair of the Mixed Methods Topical Interest Group from 2008-2018.

Lennise values participatory approaches to evaluation. She frequently blends the empowerment evaluation and the utilization-focused evaluation approaches in her work.  She believes in the transformative value of evaluation activities when stakeholders learn from the process not just the results. She advocates that there is more to be learned than feared when evaluation activities are undertaken.

First Term of Office expires: 31 March 2024

Board Members


Representative for Asia and the Pacific

Hur Hassnain is a design, monitoring and evaluation and accountability and learning expert with fifteen years of hands-on experience working in fragile and conflict-affected contexts in Africa, Asia and the Middle-East. In his professional career Hur has successfully designed, commissioned and conducted research and evaluations in insecure environments for the UN agencies, European Commission, private donors and governments of Canada, Norway, Switzerland and the UK.
Hur is an expert in participatory MEL approaches and has developed innovative tools that have been presented internationally.

He works with Oxfam GB in Oxford as Global Adviser Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning – Conflict and Fragility. He works with others to shape Oxfam’s thinking on effective and conflict sensitive monitoring and evaluations in highly insecure environment Oxfam works in. Previously he worked with War Child UK as their MEAL Advisor where he established the MEAL unit and led on Impact Reporting.

He holds dual Master’s Degrees in Business Administration (MBA) from University of Sindh, Pakistan and Development Studies (MDS) from COMSATS Abbottabad, Pakistan. Hur is fully proficient in five languages. His collection of Urdu poetry was published in Pakistan in 2006.

Second Term of Office expires: 31 March 2022


Representative for Sub-Saharan Africa

Josephine Watera is a seasoned Evaluation practitioner with ten years experience in evaluation design.
Josephine holds Masters Degrees in Business Administration and in Social Sector Planning and Management. Areas of expertise include Parliamentary Systems, public sector management, gender, youth and development and governance.

Second Term of Office expires: 31 March 2023


Representative for Europe

Inga-Lill has a PhD in cultural anthropology from Uppsala University, and is Senior Lecturer in Museum and Cultural Heritage Studies at the same university. She has more than 10 years of experience of advanced multi- and interdisciplinary academic work. Her main research interests are conflict and heritage, memory and reconciliation and longitudinal research on involuntary resettlement. She is the former Director of NOHA (Network on Humanitarian Action) (2005-2011), and from 2012 Member of The NOHA Steering Committee. She is as well Member of The International Network on Displacement and Resettlement (INDR) and Member of the Research Colloquium, The Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul. Among her past commissions of trust are Board Member of Forum for Latin American Studies (2015-2017), Member of The Recruitment Board of the Faculty of Arts (2009-2011), Board Member of the Faculty of Arts (2005-2011), Uppsala University. She is gender pro-active and she has initiated several faculty funded gender projects. She has authored and co-edited several publications on negotiations in resettlement, local participation, gender and peace museums.

Second term of office expires: 31 March 2024


Representative for North America

Marie Hélène Adrien returns to the IDEAS Board after a long period. Marie Hélène was IDEAS President for 2005-2008.
Marie-Hélène is the President of Universalia and a senior consultant specialized in evaluation, capacity building in M&E, and research in the field of evaluation. She has conducted assignments in more than 80 countries, particularly in Africa and the Caribbean and Latin America. As the President of Universalia she is proud to lead the new generation of consultants in addressing challenges in international development.
Under her presidency, Universalia was nominated as the Best Business of the Year (2007) by the International Chamber of Commerce of Montreal. Marie Hélène was awarded the Montreal Business Woman of the Year award in 2004. She is the author of several publications on evaluation, including Assessing Organisational Performance- a Toolbox for Self Assessment which has been a leading instrument in the world for assessing the performance of private, public, and not-for-profit organizations. In addition to her consulting work, Marie Hélène is a faculty member of the McGill International Executive Institute and of the IPDET. She has been a member of the Board of several organizations, including Le Bureau des relations internationales de l’École Polytechnique (Montréal), the Canadian Evaluation Society, and la Société québécoise d’évaluation de programme. She also volunteers for organizations such as the YMCA of Greater Montreal and the Scout Association of Greater Montreal. Originally from Haiti, Marie-Hélène Adrien is fluent in English, French, Spanish and Créole.

First Term of Office expires: 31 March 2022.


Representative for Latin-America and the Caribbean

Fabiola is an economist and educator with an MA degree in Finances & Strategic Management and specialized training and consulting experience in organizational and human development, participative research and capacity development. Through broad international development practice, she specialized in gender equality issues and empowerment of women, while working for many years for the international agricultural research system CGIAR. She is the founder and current CEO of the consulting firm Learning for Impact, Corp. with offices in Weston, FL, USA and Cali, Colombia. Currently member of the Management Group of EvalGender+ representing REDWIM, the Latin American & Caribbean Women in Management Network.

First Term of Office expires 31 March 2023


Representative for the Middle East and North of Africa

Kenza Bennani is an evaluation consultant with Universalia Management Group, specializing in gender equality and women empowerment. She previously worked as an evaluation manager for the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Paris, coordinating strategic evaluations in the fields of humanitarian assistance, financial governance, youth empowerment, media development and education to global citizenship & sustainable development. She has ten years of work experience combining evaluation, management consulting and communications roles. She is engaged in several VOPEs, mainly as a board member of IDEAS and RFE (representing the Quebec Evaluation Society), as a co-leader of the Francophone Network of YEEs (RF-Ee) and as the co-founder and co-convener of the French Evaluation Society thematic working group for YEEs (JEEunes). With a multi-faceted academic background, she holds graduate degrees in public policy, sustainable development geography and business administration. Kenza is a citizen of both Morocco and France and is currently based in Canada.



IDEAS Coordinator and Administrator

Daniel is Head of Secretariat of the Czech Evaluation Society and since July 2019 Coordinator and Head of Administration of IDEAS. He is specialized in project management and sustainable development. Since 2009 he has been working for the European Commission as an external monitor for the environmental program LIFE. Between 2007 and 2017 he coordinated the European training EPDET, in 2018 and 2019 he was a lecturer of IPDET at the University of Bern. He is also a lecturer of project management and evaluations at the Czech University of Life Sciences. Until 2019, he was a member of the Reference Group on Evaluations of the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs.