Update on the Joint Conference, 4 – 8 December, Guanajuato, Mexico

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The regional evaluation networks ReLAC, REDLACME and the global association of evaluators IDEAS have joined forces in 2017 to organize a conference where we reflect, discuss and develop paths of action and evaluation practices to help improve the quality of life of people around the world, with special attention for Latin America and the Caribbean.

The conference theme is “Evaluation of the Sustainable Development Goals”.

During this important meeting, different approaches, methodologies, institutional frameworks and learning in monitoring and evaluation will be presented. This event will take place in light of the global commitment for the Sustainable Development Goals to fight poverty, promote prosperity, protect the planet and enter into partnerships for all people to enjoy their rights, in an atmosphere of pea

This joint event will include our 2017 Global Assembly with our dedicated streams of work, as well as the Annual General Meeting of our members. Conference streams include:
1. M&E and the objectives of Sustainable Development.
2. Approaches and methodologies for monitoring and evaluation
3. Use of evidence from the monitoring and evaluation systems
4. Roles of evaluation networks and associations
5. Evaluation agenda in Latin America and the Caribbean.

4 – 8 December 2017
Guanajuato, México

Visit the joint conference website: http://www.conferenciadeevaluacion.mx/


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