New book by Fabiola Amariles (in Spanish): “Women, to lead our way: 5 key skills for power and success”

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The increasing presence of women in professions that were previously reserved for men is evident. In the field of evaluation, their leadership styles are becoming established in the different roles that its practice demands.

How are these female leaderships in the roles of facilitators of processes, leaders of evaluation teams, technical and methodological advisers, agents of change and transformative activists that today’s evaluation implies? What competencies are required and can be further developed to effectively exercise these female leaderships that were previously invisible?

Fabiola Amariles’ book, based on the multiple workshops and seminars for women leaders and feminist evaluation that she has given in diverse cultural settings, presents five keys that will help today’s women leaders to advance their professional and personal goals with confidence and success. For each of them, the competencies that will need to be developed to promote autonomous and effective leadership are presented.

The central axis is assertive communication and the ability to defend one’s own rights and those of others appropriately. With concepts and techniques that will help you self-examine your communication skills and the beliefs and patterns that may be limiting your progress, you will enhance your capacities for optimal communication in your different relationships and environments in which you operate.

Men and women can learn from each other in their respective forms of leadership. The reflections and advice presented in this book are also addressed to men leaders.

Available in Spanish, in digital and paperback versions at

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