IDEAS Board's response to new accusations from Mr Awuor Ponge

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It is very unfortunate that Mr Ponge has once again distributed widely in the global evaluation community and beyond what is an internal matter for IDEAS and which includes unfounded and libellous accusations of Mr Ponge against the IDEAS leadership. “You be the judge” is what Mr Ponge asks his readers, despite his promise to treat as confidential the hearing proceedings and documents that led to his resignation from IDEAS. These proceedings are confidential as we wanted all participants to be free to speak their mind and together aim for a solution. We will honour the confidentiality and privacy of all concerned and will not publish all documents, but the considerations of the Board regarding the hearing and the full argumentation why Mr Ponge was asked to apologize and instead resigned, is to be found in this document. Furthermore, the Board has made a few other documents available that deal with the main arguments of Mr Ponge.
The legal foundations for the actions of the IDEAS Board can be found here.
Mr Ponge’s case rests on his assumption that he would be eligible for a new term in the Board because he resigned during his second term. Here you will find why the three-year interval between second and third term is obligatory in all circumstances.
The current Secretary of IDEAS, Cristina Magro, is accused of self-nomination. Here you will find the proof that she was properly nominated.
The Board has since initiated a campaign amongst members to generate ideas on how the governance of IDEAS can be improved to prevent similar incidents in the future.
This is our last action related to Mr Ponge’s messages. The Board has already moved on to more productive matters in service of its members.

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