IDEAS Code of Ethics

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The IDEAS Code of Ethics was approved and adopted by the Board of Directors in November 8, 2014. It is an instrument to promote and advance evaluation as a key tool for development effectiveness, transparency and accountability in policy-making, and social and organizational learning. The Code provides guidelines to lead and support evaluators as well as to inform evaluation clients and the general public about what to expect from professional international evaluators who are members of the Association. Additionally, IDEAS considers the Code of Ethics of value to those international development evaluators outside of its membership, and encourages its general use.

The Code of Ethics shall be periodically revisited and revised, as IDEAS engages in a continuous process of self-reflection and examination for leveraging effective professional development evaluation.

The IDEAS Code of Ethics is composed of three main parts:

I. Ethical Principles – organized based on the IDEAS mission and values expressed and translated in broad behaviour orientations;
II. Code of Conduct – containing specific rules of conduct for evaluators in relation to (1) colleagues and to the Association;(2) the public and stakeholders, including the client; (3) the profession of monitoring and evaluation in the development context, and to the development field itself, comprehensively understood as the sustainable development of societies;
III. Application –indicating ways to use this Code of Ethics to preserve the high spirit of the Association in the accomplishment of its objectives and mission.

IDEAS Code of Ethics Documents