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Representative for Latin-America and the Caribbean

Fabiola Amariles is a Colombian economist and educator with an MA degree in Finances & Strategic Management and specialized training and consulting experience in organizational and human development, participative research, and capacity development. Through broad international development practice, she specialized in gender equality and empowerment of women, while working for many years for the international agricultural research system CGIAR.

Over the last 25 years, she has worked in countries of Latin & North America, Southeast Asia, and East Africa. In 2006, she founded and currently owns the consulting firm Learning for Impact, Corp., with offices in Miami and Cali, Colombia. During the 2011-2014 period, she was the coordinator of RedWIM, the Network of Latin American and Caribbean Women in Management, an organization that seeks to promote equality in gender relations in the region.

As an international consultant, she has led and has been part of evaluation teams for large development and gender projects in Central and South America with USAID, EU, Oxfam, UN-Women, UNDP, ECLAC, Canadian Cooperation, among others, which refined her analytical writing to produce interesting and use-oriented reports.

She is a member of the Management Group of EvalGender+, a global partnership to promote the demand, supply, and use of Equity Focused and Gender Responsive Evaluations. During the period 2020-2023 she has been a member of the Board of IDEAS, representing the Latin America & Caribbean region.

Fabiola has written many internal documents, evaluation reports, and articles about organizational development and change, capacity building, and talent management with gender and human rights perspectives. She has also facilitated workshops, seminars, and presentations at different national and international events.

Second Term of Office expires 31 March 2026

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