ITIG Application

  • IDEAS member in good standing (fully paid up at the time of the application) who is willing to engage in leading a collective work and agrees with the terms of interaction with the Association laid out in the ITIGs Policy document. Full name and contact information need to be provided. The proposer will act as an Interim ITIG Leader until the following General Assembly, when s/he will either be reelected or substituted, through an informal election process, by another member. In case of more than one proposer, they will act as Leader and Co-Leader, and the election will follow the same procedure described above.
  • The name should clearly convey the ITIG’s purpose and avoid confusion with any other IDEAS ITIGs, and not be divisive when considered in the larger context of IDEAS.
  • The foreseen activities must be feasible and workable, and guard strict relation to the ITIG statement of purpose. It is important to offer a general description of the ITIG’s intended activities as well as a working plan for the first year, maintaining the distinction between:
    • - Permanent and ongoing activities, which are the ITIG general raison d’être;
    • - Specific actions that can be carried out by working groups or programs formed inside the ITIG, with well-defined objectives related to the topic and main objectives of the ITIG, and time bounded. A plan of activities for the first year should be provided.
  • Give name and E-Mail addresses of at least 10 members assuring to support the ITIG