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Representative for the Middle East and North of Africa

Kenza Bennani is an evaluation manager with the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She coordinates strategic evaluations in a variety of fields such as humanitarian assistance, financial governance, youth empowerment, global health, media development, cultural diplomacy and education to global citizenship & sustainable development. Her duties also cover activities aiming at reinforcing the evaluation function and culture. She is an adept of and an advocate for gender mainstreaming approaches. Kenza is involved in several VOPEs and is an active member of the global EvalYouth movement, mainly as a co-leader of the IDEAS YEE ITIG, of the Francophone Network of Emerging Evaluators (RF-Eé) and of the French Evaluation Society working group for Young and Emerging Evaluators (JEEunes).

Prior to being an evaluator, Kenza worked as a public sector management consultant for the international firm Capgemini Consulting. She was involved in a variety of client projects, providing the leadership of government departments and agencies with high quality professional support aiming at improving public sector performance. She started her career with communications roles for the UN, UNHCR, WHO, WFP, French Development Agency, French Red Cross and P&G, gaining experience in the fields of advocacy, public outreach and private-sector fundraising. She acquired a sound knowledge of the strategies and plans needed to mobilize public, political and financial support, as well as a strong ability to shape narrative and public messaging around key advocacy priorities.

With a multi-faceted academic background, Kenza holds graduate degrees in Public Policy, Sustainable Development Geography and Business Administration. She is proficient in four languages (Arabic, English, French, and Spanish).