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Cristina Magro has a PhD in Language Sciences, is an IPDET graduate and is certified in Institutional Assessment by the Brazilian MoE and is a Professional and Life Coach. For 26 years she has been a full professor at the leading Brazilian public university UFMG, and an associate professor, visiting scholar and researcher at various institutions in Brazil and abroad. As a Senior Education Expert Consultant, she worked in Timor-Leste under the World Bank and UNICEF contracts; in the Brazilian government evaluating Universities and Faculties and the Observatory of Education’s institutional capacity for the improvement of primary education research grants programs, a partnership with UNESCO; and in the private sector, as an associate professor at Dom Cabral Foundation and the Higher Education Academic Dean at Pitagoras Group. She has authored several publications, either alone or with academic and professional partners.

Second Term of Office expires: 31 March 2021