Joint Evaluations

Cristina Get Involved

Summary In a participatory environment, to help equip IDEAS members for effective and efficient planning and delivery of joint evaluations. Proposed activities
  • Compile a "library" of existing articles, papers and books on the process of conducting joint evaluations in the development context and lessons learned.
  • Document the incidence and type of joint evaluations in the countries where participating IDEAS members reside or work.
  • Encourage members to write on, and share, their successes, difficulties and lessons learned with joint evaluations, including the steps that had been undertaken to identify and overcome problems, thus building a growing body of knowledge.  
  • Analyse and document the factors and strategies that contributed to the success, weakness or failure of completed joint evaluations.
  • Develop a dynamic toolkit, including checklists and templates, for effective design and execution of joint evaluations, by options for joint country evaluations, joint project evaluations, single partner versus multiple partners.
Joint Evaluations-ITIG Leader Participants distribution by Continent (as of the creation of the ITIG) Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 8.32.37 PM
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