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ILO/EVAL is looking for an evaluator to conduct the final evaluation of the project “The Way Forward after the Revolution: Decent Work for Women in Egypt and Tunisia-Phase II (DWW)” to take place in August – October 2021.

This evaluation should take about 21 working days for the evaluator.

Type of contract: External Collaboration Contract (individual) or Service contract (company)

For further details about the evaluation, please see the ToR.

Candidates intending to submit an expression of interest must supply the following information:

  1. A description of how the candidate’s skills, qualifications and experience are relevant to the required qualifications of this assignment for the position(s) that you are applying (maximum two pages).
  2. A list of previous evaluations that are relevant to the context and subject matter of this assignment, indicating the role played by then consultant(s) applying (they can be highlighted in the CV).
  3. A statement confirming their availability to conduct this assignment, and the daily professional fee expressed in US dollars (indicating also fees received for similar assignments in the last 2 years as a reference).
  4. A copy of the candidate’s curriculum vitae.
  5. A statement confirming that the candidates have no previous involvement in the implementation and delivery of the project to be evaluated or a personal relationship with any ILO Officials who are engaged in the project.
  6. The names of two referees (including phone and email) who can be contacted.
  7. Two reports in which the evaluator has played similar role for the position he/she is applying.

The deadline to submit expression of interest for undertaking the evaluation is 30 July 2021 20:00 hours GMT.

Please send an e-mail with the subject header “Evaluation of RAF/17/05/FIN to the Evaluation Manager Mandigona Matema (matema@ilo.org) copying Ricardo Furman (furman@ilo.org).

Application deadline is 30 July 2021 20:00 hours GMT

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