CLES Workshop, Prague, 2006

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IDEAS Workshop, Prague, 19-20 June 2006Country-led Evaluations and Systems:
Practical experiences of the central and Eastern European region

As development assistance has moved towards a country led approach, it is logical to promote country-led evaluation (CLE) so as to increase partner country ownership of evaluations. In very general terms, country-led evaluations are defined as evaluations in which the country leads the evaluation by determining which evaluations will be done, and accepts responsibility for steering and managing them.
Over the years the evaluation units of the World Bank, UNDP, DAC, as well as some donor governments, have been developing approaches on how to promote CLE. However, it remains a challenge to actually perform these in a manner that leads to both feasible and streamlined implementation, i.e. avoids the use of overlapping and/or conflicting processes, resources and institutional arrangements.
IDEAS is uniquely placed to facilitate CLE, and is committed to the following goals:
·       Advocating CLE
·       Identifying potential drivers of CLE within and outside state structures
·       Creating demand for CLE
·       Facilitating capacity building for CLE
The workshop was centered on the key role of independence and its recognition, addressing a number of region-specific issues such as:
·         Impact of the EU integration process on the national evaluation capacity and practice;
·         Existing and potential focal points of capacity development and dissemination, both within the state structures and outside (academia, NGOs, private sector)
·         Demand/supply of training and guidance;
·         Emerging national evaluation communities: challenges, external interaction/recognition;
·         Facilitating measures: legislation and media;
·         Diversity of approaches, standards and institutional set-ups;
·         Specifics of the handover of evaluation from donors/external evaluators to national authorities/evaluators: costs and benefits.

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