CLES Workshop, Niamey, Niger, 2007

Coordinator 2007 Conference, Conferences

DEAS Workshop on   “Country Led Evaluations: Practical Experiences of Africa Region”January 16, 2007, Niamey NigerOver the past decade there has been a concerted global effort to position evaluation as a tool for improving the good governance of countries and an instrument for increased aid effectiveness. Recent experiences in both developing and developed countries have demonstrated that ownership by the country of the evaluation process and results contributes to the use of the results. In very general terms, Country-led evaluations are defined as evaluations in which the country leads the evaluation by determining which evaluations will be done, and is responsible for steering and managing them.

Many evaluations of development aid have been led by donors and were done primarily to satisfy donors’ requirements, which have led to a limited level of country ownership. Specific limitations include:
a) Supply-driven drive towards ownership;
b) Learning from evaluation is crowded-out by monitoring;
c) Regular evaluation processes and mechanisms are not integrated into the respective development programmes;
d) Time pressures, associated with Globalization/partnerships and other regional developments.
While the IDEAS workshop was devoted to the review of CLE experiences and dissemination of related good practice, its ultimate goal will be to identify and enhance evaluation groups in a number of countries that are not only committed to CLE, but could provide momentum for the emergence of more institutionalized CLE.
The objective of the workshop was to generate knowledge about CLE, more specifically to:
o    Identify potential drivers of CLE within and outside the state structures;
o    Identify Barriers for CLE;
o    Identify lessons learned from country cases experience;
o    Facilitate thinking on capacity building for CLE.


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