Building Evaluation Capacity in Response to the Paris Declaration

Coordinator 2011 Conference

This strand focuses on the commitments made in the Paris Declaration to strengthen monitoring and evaluation systems in order to track development performance.

MS PowerPoint Evaluation of the Implementation of the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness
Author: Kliest, Ted
Published on IDEAS website: 31-May-11
Kleist – 4.1 Paris Declaration.ppt  (234Kb) Download Download

 Evaluation of the Paris Declaration Phase 2
Author: Kabell, Dorte
Published on IDEAS website: 31-May-11
Kabell – 4.1 Paris Declaration.ppt  (369Kb) Download Download

 Evaluation of the Paris Declaration
Author: Dabelstein, Niels
Published on IDEAS website: 31-May-11
Dabelstein – 4.1 Paris Declaration.ppt  (2,098Kb) Download Download