2017 Joint Evaluation Conference FAQs


Conference and workshop

  • When will I hear if my proposal has been accepted?
    • Those who submitted proposals that have been accepted have already been informed. If you have not already heard from the Academic Committee, then you proposal was not selected. 
  • I submitted a proposal and requested sponsorship. When will I hear the outcome of my request?
    • Decisions on sponsorship were announced at the same time as the outcomes of the proposals.
  • What if I indicated an intention to apply for the IOCE/EvalPartners Mobility Program, (deadline 20th September)?
    • In this case, your proposal will be reviewed and the result will be communicated by mid-September, allowing you the possibility to apply for IOCE/EvalPartners sponsorship.
  • I have not submit a proposal but would like to request sponsorship, how can I do this?
    • You may request sponsorship when registering for the conference (see below). However, support from donors for sponsorships of IDEAS events has changed over time and followed the general trend of cuts of aid budgets. Donors are also increasingly interested in sponsoring specific activities on themes of importance to them. We have therefore been working on a very limited budget and currently no additional funding is available. We, therefore, encourage you to seek funding from within your own organizations or contacts.
  • Where can I access documents? 
    • The draft programme of the Joint Conference, agenda of the pre-conference workshops, workshop descriptions and list of workshop facilitators is available in the IDEAS Document Library and the conference website. Other documents will be made available (in both locations) as they come available.
  • I’m giving a presentation/ participating in a workshop, when and to whom should I send my materials?
    • PPTs are to be submitted at the conference front desk on the afternoon of 3rd December or the morning of 4th December.


  • How do I register?
    • Registration is a two-step process. IDEAS members must first register through the conference website. Once you have been verified as a member of IDEAS, you will receive an email with a confirmation number and instructions on how to pay the registration fee through the IDEAS website. Once we have received payment (processing can take up to a week), you will receive an email confirming your registration. The email will contain a QPR code which will be your “passport” to enter the conference.
  • How much are the registration fees?
    • Conference only:
      • Members of the organizing institutions – Mexican Pesos 4,320/ USD240
      • General public – Mexican Pesos 6,300/ USD350
    • Workshops only (one fee for 1 or 2 workshops) – Mexican Pesos 2,700/ USD150
    • Workshops and Conference:
      • Members of the organizing institutions – Mexican Pesos 7,020/ USD390
      • General public – Mexican Pesos 9,000/ USD500
  • When registering, I got the error message “Hubo un error, Favor de reportar el error al administrador del sitio”. What does it mean?
    • It means “There was an error. Please contact the website administrator”. IDEAS members should email ideascoordinator@gmail.com or magro.cristina@gmail.com for assistance.
  • I received an email confirming my pre-registration, but haven’t heard anything about how to pay. 
    • Colleagues in Guanajuato are managing the registration process but they need to revert to us to confirm membership status. This process takes a few days, so please be patient. If you have not heard anything within a week, please email ideascoordinator@gmail.com.
  • I saw an option to register for a Market Place booth. What is this?
    • This are promotional stands that corporate participants may be interested in renting. The cost is USD700 per booth. If you are interested in registering for a booth, please email ideascoordinator@gmail.com to enquire on availability. 


  • What is the venue address?
    • The conference will be held at the University of Guanajuato, Calle Pedro Lascurain de Retana 5. The main entrance of the University is well known for its splendid stairs. If you require information on access for people with disabilities, please contact us.
  • Where can I find a list of hotels?
    • A list of hotels with special rates for conference participants is available in the logistics folder in the “2017 GA papers” folder in the IDEAS Document Library. It can also be downloaded from the conference website. Guanajuato is a small town, and the University is in the city centre. All hotels located at the city centre (Zona Centro) will be within a pleasant walking distance to the conference venue.
  • Where can I find information on traveling to and around Guanajuato?
    • A short (downloadable) overview can be found in the logistics folder in the “2017 GA papers” folder in the IDEAS Document Library.
  • I’m arriving at the airport in Guanajuato at night. How do I get into town?
    • Taxis from the airport run night and day. There is a taxi service before you leave the arrival area of the airport and there is usually a line of people waiting to order a taxi. You identify your destination, pay the charge, get a ticket for a taxi and when you go outside there will be a taxi driver waiting for you.
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