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The IDEAS Global Assembly 2013 was held in Bridgetown, Barbados, from 06 – 09 May.

The theme for the 2013 Global Assembly in Barbados was:

Evaluation and Inequality: Moving Beyond the Discussion of Poverty.”

The Assembly specifically addressed the sources and forces generating inequality in the developing world—going beyond still more conversations about poverty and its origins. The many analyses and reports of the past decade make clear that poverty fluctuates up and down. But what is also clear and more profound is that inequality is persistent, seemingly intractable, and present development initiatives are not having any positive impact on it. What makes this theme so provocative is that inequality is present in developed and developing countries, and is seldom directly addressed. The voices of evaluation need to be heard on this topic.

Papers, panels, and small group discussions addressed these substantive areas and their implications for development evaluation. In addition, three keynote speakers addressed these issues at Assembly-wide plenary sessions.

As with prior Global Assemblies, it is planned that a book will be forthcoming from the key papers. The books from the 2009 Global Assembly (“Influencing Change: Building Evaluation Capacity to Strengthen Governance”) and 2011 Global Assembly (“Development Evaluation in Times of Turbulence: Dealing with Crises that Endanger our Future”) have been published by the World Bank.

The complete Conference Programme has been provided, and in order to simplify searches for documents, a link has been provided to each paper or presentation on the programme if the presenter has supplied it to us.

Report on the IDEAS Global Assembly

IDEAS Global Assembly 2013:  Programme, Presenters and Papers

Photo GalleryWe have included a selection of scenes from the GA. We hope these will provide a happy memory to those who were there, and will encourage those who missed out to start planning for 2015!
Our thanks as always, go to Daniel Svoboda who provided most of the photos.

Opening Day
 Hard at Work
 Having their Say…..
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